Cenusa: The energy sector in the Republic of Moldova is under continuous pressure

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Moldova still struggles to overcome various handicaps in the energy sector. The depoliticization of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE), the diversification of offers, the monopoly presence of Russia keeps the energy sector in the country under continuous pressure. In conclusion, the liberalization of the energy sector remains elusive, and the sufferer has the final consumer, the citizen, writes expert Denis Cenuşă in an analysis for the Expert-Grup.

According to the quoted source, internally, the energy system suffers from bad management of energy-related public enterprises and, above all, the lack of progress in increasing the independence of the regulatory authority over political interference.

Although the legislation has been aligned with many of the requirements of the third energy package, it does not fully reflect the quality of the implementation procedures.

The energy sector of Moldova is so problematic, but also vital, that it requires special attention from its external partners, notably the EU. In particular there has to be a professionalisation and de-politicisation of the energy regulator, completion of the interconnector with Romania and help in finding solutions to the gas debt issue.

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Source: https://www.expert-grup.org/media/k2/attachments/Cenusa_Op-ed_12_Energy_sector.pdf

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