Belkovski: Putin has made a pact with the West – Transnistrian region could return under Chisinau control

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Vladimir Putin has made a pact with the West regarding the conditions for his resignation. The pact provides for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Moldova, the reconciliation with Japan, the transfer of two islands from the southern Kuril ridge and the abandonment of the alliance between Russia and China. Instead, the Kremlin leader will receive guarantees regarding personal security. The statements were made by political scientist Stanislav Belkovski, in an interview for RFE.

According to Belkovski, “the main enthusiast of this pact, his main engine is, of course, the French president Emmanuel Macron, who takes the initiative from Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, who, unfortunately, does not feel very well, so she passes it on Macron”.

The political scientist claims that this pact exists, but it is not known if it will be implemented. “It all depends on one thing: whether or not Donald Trump will be fired. If he is not resigned, the agreement will be implemented and Vladimir Putin will resign next year, that is in 2020. Democrats have a tougher policy approach to Russia than Trump, so if the impeachment procedure takes place , then the fate of this pact is under a big question mark”, said Belkovski.

Among the indications that this pact exists, the expert called on Russia’s readiness to destroy the ammunition stored in the village of Cobasna. The announcement was made during the visit to Moldova of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Soigu. Belkovski also drew attention to the statements of the Kremlin leader, who said that the Russian media is biased in relation to Ukraine. “The first steps were taken,” said the political scientist.

According to him, “Putin will leave as a peacemaker and not as the author of the hybrid war of 2014. Now he wants to return, to bring the West back to his loving chest and to enter history as a man who reconciled Russia with the West. First he quarreled, then he reconciled”.

Belkovski stressed that Putin’s guarantees were “relative and conditional” and cited the example of Chilean President Augusto Pinochet. The opposition offered security guarantees to the military junta that ruled the country, but this did not save the former head of the state of criminal prosecution. He was deprived of immunity and charged with corruption, as well as involvement in kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking and other crimes.

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