Bogdan Țîrdea, PSRM deputy

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Bogdan Țîrdea is a politician, analyst and political commentator, doctor of political science and historian from Republic of Moldova, who since December 2014 has been a member of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova from the Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova. He is part of the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Policy and European Integration.

At the parliamentary elections on November 2014, he ran for the 10th position in the list of PSRM candidates. He also applied for the position of deputy from the Social-Democratic Party in the parliamentary elections of March 2005 in Republic of Moldova (22nd place in the list), the parliamentary elections of 5 April 2009 in the Republic of Moldova (30th in the list), in both cases no managed to gain access to the Parliament.

He is a member of the Socialist Party since September 2014. Previously, Bogdan Țîrdea was a political commentator in the newspapers “Socius” and “Libertatea” (2005-2006); on the portal (2008–2012) and in the newspaper «Московский Комсомолец» (2009).

Țîrdea appears as an “objective and impartial” political scientist on television stations affiliated with the socialist party, such as NTV Moldova, Accent TV, the newspapers “КП” in Молдове, “Аргументы и Факты” and as an author in the newspaper “Ведомости”.

On January 2019, during the election campaign, several members of the Socialist Party organized a press conference in front of the NATO Documentation and Information Center in Chisinau. Socialist Bogdan Țîrdea has made several accusatory and misinformation statements to NATO. He said that “the country’s cooperation with NATO exhausts the country’s budget”, “in all NATO countries there are terrorist attacks” and that “70% of Moldovan citizens are against NATO”. While official data shows that in recent years NATO has invested several millions of lei in humanitarian development projects of Republic of Moldova and the expenditures of the Ministry of Defense for the participation of military personnel in foreign peacekeeping missions.

“This cooperation with NATO, besides the depletion of the budget, also creates problems with Russia, which is our strategic partner. This means that we will have problems with export and many other things, ”said Țîrdea.

On July 2019, the portal, to which Bogdan Țîrdea activated as a political commentator, updates an article written by the Socialist deputy in 2011 about the current president Igor Dodon. In this article, still available on the official blog page of Bogdan Țîrdea, the actions of President Igor Dodon are criticized, starting from the proposal of his candidacy as mayor of Chisinau from the Communist Party, until the affiliation of the media sources.

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On August 2019, the PSRM deputy wrote on his Facebook page that the two million citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia who made a human chain on August 23, 1989 against the Soviet occupation are “garbage and prostitutes”.

The insults raised the dissatisfaction of the unionists, who said they would file a criminal complaint on behalf of Țîrdea.

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