Mass Media

The media includes all sources of public information that reach a very large number of people, such as television, radio, Internet, written press. The media assumes that the product is easy to obtain and has an affordable price for all


Politics is the science and practice of governing a state and represents the sphere of social-historical activity that includes the relations, orientations and manifestations that appear between the various categories and social groups,


Misinformation is one of the main tools of the information war. According to Vladimir Volkoff, the author of the famous "Misinformation Treaty", disinformation is the technique that allows the provision of wrong information to some people,

Fake news

Fake news is a type of yellow or propaganda journalism, which consists of spreading false information disseminated through traditional media (TV, newspapers) or social media. False news is written and published with the intention of


Propaganda is the most widespread form of manipulation and is an insistent bombardment with the same type of information to replace ideas that are a doctrine and to influence the masses.


Republic of Moldova lost control of the region following the intervention of the Russian army (the 14th army) in thei Transnistrian conflict. After Moldova received UN membership (March 2, 1992), Moldovan President Mircea Snegur authorized


Important documents from Republic of Moldova and internationals. Our country has a limited number of normative acts of prevention and combating of hybrid measures. You can find the list of normative act HERE. They will be adjusted to


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a politico-military alliance established in 1949, by the North Atlantic Treaty signed in Washington on April 4, 1949. It currently comprises 29 states in Europe and North America. The Partnership