Dmitry Ciubashenco, journalist and politician from the Republic of Moldova

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Dumitru Ciubashenco was born on August 14, 1963, in Chisinau. He is a journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who has been active for several years as a journalist and editor-in-chief in a number of publications in the print media.

Ciubashenco graduated from Moscow State University (МГУ). He worked for the Russian TASS Agency and news agency «Новости». He was one of the founders of the Moldovan news agency – Infotag, the founder and chief editor of the newspapers “Республика” and “Молдавские ведомости”. Also, for over 10 years he was a local correspondent for Reuters. In 2009 he founded the newspaper «Панорама» (Panorama) together with Petru Burduja as a co-founder. Burduja is a Member of the Parliament of Moldova from the Socialists Party, as well as the formal owner of NTV Moldova (Russian TV channel rebroadcasted in Moldova) and other media institutions affiliated and owned informally by Igor Dodon. Burduja has closed ties with Corneliu Furculita another Socialist MP known as “valet keeper” of Dodon.

Ciubashenco participated in the parliamentary elections of July 29, 2009, within the lists of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova and in the elections of November 28, 2010 from the part of the Humanist Party of Moldova.

Ciubashenco was the candidate of the political party “Partidul Nostru” (Our Party) in the presidential elections of October 30, 2016. Also, was a candidate of “Partidul Nostru” in the 2016 presidential elections and on the February 2019 parliamentary elections he was a candidate in the constituency no. 28 of Chisinau.

Dmitrii Ciubashenco was also the Vice-President of “Partidul Nostru” led by Renato Usatîi. He resigned from the lead position in May 2019, but remained a party member.

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The press was often mentioning about Ciubashenco’s qualities of migrating from one party to another, as well as his connections with Filat, Pasat, Usatîi and Dodon.

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