How Putin wants to “annex Moldova and rebuild the USSR until 2024”. Kremlin reaction

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Former President of Georgia Mihail Saakashvili, declared in an interval taken by the russian press that Vladimir Putin wants to annex Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus and a part of Ukraine until 2024.

Putin has plans to annex Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Berlarus and a big part of Ukraine, except the west,” says the former president of Georgia.

Saakashvili explained that the intention of the russian leader is to force these countries to declare their neutrality in order to “weaken” their leaders, reports Saakashvili believes that Putin wants to rebuild the USSR until 2024. The russian presidential administration has responded to these statements, stating that “there are no such plans.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov also added that Russia does not negotiate with Georgia a neutrality status, according to Ria Novosti.

In August, the Kremlin leader refused to clarify what plans he has after the term of office of president. “It’s too early to talk about 2024. We’re in 2019,” said Vladimir Putin.

Bloomberg wrote in July that a scenario for Vladimir Putin’s future after 2024, when his term ends, is to remain in power in Russia as prime minister with increased powers.


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