Ion Manole, about the “necessity” of two additional airports in Moldova: “Three armies can’t use a single airport?”

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Moldova is a unique country – with three armies on its territory, but which can’t use a single airport. At least this is supported by the president of the Promo-LEX organization, Ion Manole, who doesn’t believe in the “economic arguments” promoted by prime minister Ion Chicu, regarding the need to open more airports in our country. According to Manole, the discussions on the topic of airports are artificial and in a way of total lack of transparency and consultations.

Moldova is a unique country. On such a small territory, we have three armies – the national constitutional one, the russian one, which is illegally stationed and pays nothing to our very neutral state, the Republic of Moldova, and the illegal one of the separatist regime from Tiaspol, even if the same russian armies are subordinated. This gives competition, if we are to speak in the terms and arguments of the governors. Can’t three armies use just one airport? said Ion Manole for

According to president Promo-LEX, as the population continues to actively leave the Republic of Moldova, the projects and ideas regarding the opening of new international airports in our country “aren’t based on any civil or economic arguments”.

Promo-LEX has demonstrated that the human rights situation on the left bank of the Dniester requires the attention of the authorities who, instead of seeking solutions, bring into the public space topics that further affect national and regional security. It is regrettable that such issues are pushed quickly, without economic arguments and in a way of total lack of transparency and consultations, said Manole.

He also stated that “such situations provoke concern and heighten instability”, Republic of Moldova internally and externally.


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