IPAH – Institute for the Prevention of Hybrid Threats

The Center for the Prevention and Combating of Hybrid Threats is a project launched by the Institute for the Prevention of Hybrid Threats, a nongovernmental organization created in July 2019, whose purpose is to prevent and combat false news, misinformation and propaganda that undermine democracy in Moldova.

The objectives of the Center are to monitor the media sources: newspapers, radio, television and online regarding fake news and misinformation; real-time alert of the society and journalists in case of misinformation. We will make arguments to explain why misinformation is not true. We will identify those who spread fake news and publish the techniques that are used in this regard. We will analyze trends in fake news, misinformation and propaganda and will bring them to the attention of society and the media through reports, seminars and other public events. We will educate the society, the media, the officials, the scientists about what a fake news means, how it is spread, but also about the reasons of those who disseminate it. We will strengthen resilience to fake news by making the phenomenon widely known, so that society no longer believes in them and forms critical thinking about any public information.

The Chisinau Center, whose communications team is made up of professionals from Moldova and abroad, uses a general and comprehensive anti-misinformation approach.