Iulian Chifu: Long-term installation of Russia at the eastern border of Romania

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Author: Iulian Chifu

“It was expected that, after legitimizing the strong electoral position of the PSRM by taking over Chisinau and the capital, Igor Dodon will either want to take over half of the Government – already announced it (Maia Sandu) – or to throw directly overboard ACUM. I have warned about these developments since the formation of the government, based on the projects that have existed since then, and I have also directly warned the ministers in the Maia Sandu cabinet on this issue, giving the conditions and terms of validity of the Government…”, with an opinion for Adevarul.ro came Iulian Chifu, president of the Center for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Bucharest.

The official says that the results of the coalition between the ACUM Block and the PSRM were known from the beginning. Chifu says that the public has witnessed a “rush of takeover of the institutions of force by a president who does not have, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, any executive attribution: CNA- a kind of DNA from Chisinau, SIS-the only information service fully taken over, the Supreme Security Council transformed with executive powers and guardianship / control rights over the Government, plus the Ministry of National Defense – through a socialist minister and the deputy prime minister for Reintegration / Transnistria through the advisor to the president of this direction “. He also said that some of these institutions were ceded by the Government of Maia Sandu and the parliamentary groups ACUM in the Legislative of Chisinau.

“Since then we were warning about the costs and the duration of such a misalignment, although the ambitions of PSRM-NOW have extended to a government with full powers: taking over as much power as Igor Dodon. First, the complete takeover of constitutional control and guarantees – by holding the position of Parliament Speaker for Zenaida Greceanâi (elected by a simple majority, can only be removed by qualified majority and is number two in the state) and taking over the Constitutional Court through incorrect competition and substitution of the winners of the contest including the current president who did not even candidate”,

writes Iulian Chifu.

Iulian Chifu also refers to the inactions of those ACUM following the local elections. He wants to specify that the parties that reached the Chisinau Municipal Council have not created until now a coalition to stop the socialist Ion Ceban. “For example, Ceban will celebrate, on August 31, the” Moldovan language “. He said it directly, and we should not be surprised by the disappearance of Romanian cultural and spiritual public symbols from the city and the appearance of some velicoruse. Maybe not even his statue. Stalin”.

“Regarding the external reaction, in Bucharest, in the assumptions of President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Orban, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union, the canonical position regarding the support of Romanians, citizens of the Republic of Moldova and institutions reforming remains, in so far as they make reforms, in no case of a government with other aspirations and strategic orientations such as one of the pro-Russian socialists. Ostentatiously and openly pro-Russian, and the eventual reintegration on the Dodon model of the Republic of Moldova postpones in the medium to long term any democratic, European, aspiration to approach Romania and the West of the Republic of Moldova, installing long-term control of Moscow on the eastern border of Romania”,

concludes Chifu.

Source: https://adevarul.ro/moldova/politica/instalarea-termen-lung-rusiei-frontiera-est-romaniei-1_5dcc4f265163ec4271fc5f23/index.html?fbclid=IwAR08pmzj8zgQ9cTOKcqLGgDKNs2u4OM0LKgqeNaeURfrjm0ncESSUxAF7Y8

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