Journalist Elena Pahomova was included in the database “Mirotvorets”

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The journalist Elena Pahomova, member of the media council of the president Igor Dodon, was included in the database of the platform “Mirotvoreț”, set up by the Crime Research Center against the National Security of Ukraine.

According to information posted on the site, Pahomova is accused of manipulating information of public interest. Specifically, the journalist mocked the history of Ukraine, attacked the states that support Ukraine, dealt with Russian propaganda and the promotion of separatism.

Pahomova is chairman of the mass media commission within the Civil Society Council of the president of Moldova. Earlier, she criticized the initiative to commemorate, on August 23, the victims of Stalinism and Nazism, proposed by the former prime minister, Maia Sandu.

For two-and-a-half years, Pahomova headed the “Pervii Pridnestrovskii” station in Tiraspol. At that time, the separatist region was led by Evgheni Sevciuk. In February 2017, she left that position because she didn’t agree with a press law in the Transnistrian region, promoted by the new so-called Tiraspol leader, Vadim Krasnoselski.

In the past, Pahomova has also worked on “Publika TV”, but also on “RTR-Moldova”, which relays in Moldova the post with the same name in the Russian Federation. Currently, it operates on the station “NTV Moldova”, close to the Socialists and Igor Dodon.

The journalist reacted on Facebook. She claims that, earlier, she received threats that she would be included in the Mirotvorets database. Pahomova continued to actively comment on the message he wrote, but Facebook blocked one of them comment for violating “the rules of harassment and intimidation.”

Instead of special services, I would pay particular attention to this group of young people whose activities are more than subversive. They are so harmonious that they find each other and seek information about “enemies”. True, the result is hilarious. I blame myself for criticizing the design of the SBU logo and for winning the TEFI award, wrote Pahomova.

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