Kozak: “It’s not time for discussion” or “how to impose your own conditions”

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The second moldovan-russian Economic Forum was held in Chisinau from september 19 to 21. Thousands of delegates from 13 countries participated. Participants discussed about the restoration of trade and economic relations between Moldova and the Russian Federation. Among the officials who took part in the forum were: Igor Dodon, the president of the Republic of Moldova and Dmitri Kozak, the deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation or as the pro-Kremlin media called him “the guardian of Moldova”.

About this event was actively written, even during its organization, both in the moldovan and russian press. The event represents “a good opportunity for renewal and expansion of the sphere of cooperation” between Moldova and Russia, said Dmitri Kozak. Following the events of June 2019 in Chisinau, when the coalition between pro-russian socialists and pro-european bloc ACUM was created, pro-Kremlin media has assigned Kozak one of the key roles in overthrowing the former government in Moldova. The Kommersant newspaper in Russia even believes that the current coalition in Chisinau was created by Kozak.

Igor Dodon and Dmitry Kozak
Source: presedinte.md

A new phase has been launched in relations between Moldova and Russia, which has intensified after the moldovan-russian Economic Forum. The purpose of the event was to establish commercial and economic relations, eliminate barriers and open new perspectives.

Indeed, Moldova must develop its relations with external partners, such as the EU, US or Russia. In Moldova there are 995 companies with russian capital. In terms of investments, Russia ranks first. Romania, on the other hand, leads the top of exports, which represents 29.3%, followed by Italy, with 11.4%. In Russia, 8.1% of exports come, about the same as in Germany.

However, when the negotiations on the Transnistrian conflict face contradictions, when the level of energy security is low and the position of the president changeable (sometimes Dodon adapts to the political situation in the country), Moldova needs to develop its relations with various foreign partners, in which no one is used geopolitically.

However, contradictions are also caused by the statements of the parties. The moldovan authorities (in the person of the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Vasili Sova) announced their wish to unlock political cooperation with Tiraspol starting next year.

“We intend to convince our partners to start building a political dialogue in parallel with the Program to support confidence-building measures. This will be a more productive process. The 5 + 2 format is a political format ”,

said Vasili Sova

Furthermore, Sova states that Moldova has already examined some basic parameters for a model of political regulation:

“I had periods when I examined an autonomous status, a common state, a federal model, a package approach. These were elaborated. In the near future, we intend to create a coordination mechanism, including representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Government, Parliament and other institutions involved in this process, so as to obtain basic general parameters that could be presented to international partners.

said Vasili Sova

And Igor Dodon also expressed his position regarding the destruction of the ammunition stored in Cobasna and the format of the peacekeeping operation. According to Dodon, all parties involved in the negotiation process were interested in resolving these issues as quickly as possible.

Despite the solid position of the Moldovan authorities on this issue, Kozak allowed, after the moldovan-russian economic forum, to declare that “it is not time to discuss the Transnistrian problem”.

“Transnistrian regulation is a delicate subject that should not be discussed in the current situation, by a fragile optimism. The current stability of Moldova and the peace on the banks of the Dniester are sufficient now. We must not approach the issue in order not to harm ”,

said Dmitri Kozak after the moldovan-russian Forum in Chisinau

Former member of the Unified Control Commission Ion Leahu claims that Kozak’s statement is a direct response to Dodon’s initiative on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict.

“By this harsh statement, Kozak made it clear to Dodon that no matter how president he is or a friend of the Russian Federation, he is not allowed to act without Moscow’s agreement,”

said Leahu
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