Kremlin Watch Strategy – For countering hostile Russian interference

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Kremlin Watch Strategy offers a response with 20 specific measures for national governments which European countries must implement. This response is co-signed by 29 experts on security policy from all over Europe.

European Values Center for Security Policy

European Values Center for Security Policy is a non-governmental, non-partisan institute defending freedom and sovereignty. They protect liberal democracy, the rule of law, and the transatlantic alliance of the Czech Republic. They help defend Europe especially from the malign influences of Russia, China, and Islamic extremists.

2019 marks five years of highly aggressive behavior by the Russian Federation towards Western democracies. When Russia started a war against Georgia and subsequently occupied a fifth of its territory in 2008, the West failed to respond, naively believing that it could appease an aggressor. In 2014, the authoritarian regime led by President Vladimir Putin started the war against Ukraine, and at the same time, Moscow began to mobilize intensive hostile influence operations against Western democracies.

Five years into Russia’s increasingly aggressive activities against Western democracies, we draw the following conclusions about the Western reaction to this threat. Given the West’s relative weakness in responding to Russia’s malign influence activities, China is now also actively seeking to exploit the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of Western democracies.

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