Minister Gaiciuc interested in a strategy “against US involvement in the internal affairs” of other countries

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On November 20, 2019, only a few days after his appointment as Defense Minister in the “technocratic” government, Victor Gaiciuc – former secretary of the Supreme Security Council – attended a meeting of the secretaries of the Security Councils of the CIS countries, which took place in Moscow.

At the meeting, chaired by the head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolay Patrushev, the Soviet past of the CIS states was glorified and a strategy against “mixing the US in the internal affairs of other states” was discussed.

Even today, no one knew about this visit and meeting, but a press release was published by the Moscow Security Council. Minister Gaiciuc preferred to keep it secret.

If Victor Gaiciuc was no longer secretary of the Supreme Security Council and went to Moscow as Minister of Defense, a press release about the visit should have appeared.

IPAH redaction called Minister Gaiciuc to find out details about the visit. Asked if he attended the meeting of the secretaries as minister or former secretary of the CSS, Victor Gaiciuc closed the phone.

At the Moscow meeting, Patrusev insisted that the representatives of the CIS states should elaborate “common approaches to solving existing problems and ensuring security” in the former Soviet space. In the statement issued by the Security Council of the Russian Federation, it is said that Patrusev paid “special attention to the celebration, in 2020, of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the” Great War for the Defense of the Fatherland “.

This memorable date will be widely celebrated in CIS countries, as well as in other states that honor the memory of soldiers, fathers and grandparents who defeated fascism and defended the independence of our countries,

the Russian official said.

Political analyst Anatol Taranu believes that the “balanced” foreign policy of President Dodon hides a much harsher reality, namely the dependence on security and defense of the Republic of Moldova in front of Russia.

About the secret visit of Minister Gaiciuc to Moscow, the analyst says that such actions were to be expected.

It was only natural that, by becoming Minister of Defense, Mr Gaiciuc would no longer perform his role as secretary to the Security Council. This is why he preferred to appear in Moscow in both situations. This again speaks to the fact that the link between the Dodon government and Russia is a close one, even more than a close one. I believe that there is an internal, discreet coordination and a special influence of Moscow on the political decisions in Chisinau, including the security and defense area,

says Anatol Taranu.

The expert says that this cooperation of the Republic of Moldova with Russia in the military and security field will further aggravate the situation. Regarding the so-called US mix, Taranu states that it didn’t exist, and Moldova’s cooperation with the US is absolutely transparent and open.

We have an absolutely open and transparent collaboration with the United States and there is no hidden agenda, unlike the collaboration with the Russian Federation in military terms. The very fact that Gaiciuc goes to Moscow and doesn’t inform public opinion about it, speaks about this atmosphere and hidden agenda. And the fact that the Russian Federation is trying to engage the Republic of Moldova against the United States is explainable. Moldovan officials subscribe to this policy, which is definitely dangerous for the Republic of Moldova,

says Taranu.

Victor Gaiciuc was a counselor of President Dodon in the field of national defense and security, but also secretary of the Supreme Security Council. Gaiciuc became the president’s adviser just a few months after he was elected to Parliament. On August 27, 2017, the president decorated Gaiciuc with the highest state distinction – the Order of the Republic.

Gaiciuc was Minister of Defense from 2001-2004, being dismissed by a decree signed by Vladimir Voronin.


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