Over the last 5 years, Russia has coordinated 72% of campaigns on foreign influence efforts worldwide

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Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia have been identified as coordinating campaigns to affect one or more specific aspects of the political situation in certain countries. They use the media channels, including the social media, producing content designed to look indigenous to the target state.

According to the report by Diego A. Martin and Jacob N. Shapiro, over the years 2013-2018, Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia coordinated over 72% of the campaigns on foreign influence efforts.

In the respective period, 24 countries in 53 cases were targets of the campaigns coordinated by a foreign state to influence the political situation of the target country.

The authors of the report mention that the objective of these campaigns can be quite wide, and so far they have included the influence of political decisions by modeling the election results at different levels, moving the political agenda on topics ranging from health to security and encouraging political polarization.

The respective report was made following the analysis of 460 media reports on external influence efforts.

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