“Rusification” of the Republic of Moldova has begun! The Socialists will pack pharmaceuticals with inscriptions in “moldovian” and russian

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Socialist MPs come with a law that provides information on the packaging of local medicines to contain information in the “moldovian language” and in russian language. The draft law of the Socialists was examined the previous days, within the parliamentary commission of Public Administration.

PSRM deputy Grigore Novac argues that the project is of major importance for a large part of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

“Citizens have the right to be informed fairly and objectively about any information. The issue of medicines, of human health, this is more than necessary, or we have in the Republic of Moldova more aliens and citizens who, because of their old age, do not understand what they write on the packaging of medicines. Any project that is registered in the Parliament and to be voted on, must not contain elements of unconstitutionality, or in art. 13 of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, writes that the language is moldovian. Maybe something has changed and I haven’t noticed? In order to exclude the moments that would put the project itself in contradiction with the supreme law, it is appropriate to come up with formula like that”,

declared for Ziarul de Garda, the Socialist deputy, Grigore Novac.

According to the Romanian political analyst, Iulian Chifu, “Chisinau learned from the theory of small steps nothing more than to introduce Russian as the official language, on the back door”.

Instead of worrying about bringing medicine, some good medicines, which are acceptable in price, they deal with nonsense. From writing in another language, which obviously adds financially to all these leaflets, when they are brought from another country and I do not think that in russian languag someone is cured of any disease, on the contrary, stupidity I do not think that it is cured with any medicine,

declared Iulian Chifu for IPAH.

And the deputy of the PAS faction, Petru Frunze commented on the project qualifying it as a populist one.

“Within the Public Administration Commission we have examined the draft law no. 202 of 19.09 2019. The colleagues from the PSRM have drafted a populist law, as all the medicines must contain on information packaged both in the “moldovian language” and in the russian language. Most importantly, all information about medicines or services offered to consumers must be communicated including verbally in “moldovian” and russian”,

Frunze wrote on his Facebook page.

He also argues that the medicines market has an international circuit, as a consequence a dilemma and inconsistency arise: “How can you indicate on the packaging of medicines “moldovian language”, which is not internationally recognized”?

“According to the draft law, all medical and pharmaceutical workers should speak in russian. I will never support draft populist laws that are aimed at political interests and underestimate the romanian language. Citizens are waiting for justice reforms and a better life, ”concluded the deputy.

Meanwhile, according to the Ziarul National, several cultural people met Wednesday at the B. P. Hasdeu Municipal Library in Chisinau, to expose their position on the evolution of the moldovan politics.

“Through this poetry recital we sent a signal to the society that we do not resign, we do not allow the romanian language to be attacked in the Republic of Moldova, we do not accept the political masquerade that is thrown behind us, in the Soviet past and we do not approve of the treacherous methods of the politicians to move from armchair to armchair, to pursue at any cost their own interests, completely ignoring those who go to the ballot box. The changes do not happen, in fact, it is the arrangement of some time, slightly cosmetized, in the foreground being, again, the socialist party, the heir of the communist, in front of a character who gradually establishes the dictatorship, greeted by the Kremlin ”,

emphasizes the poet Irina Nechit.

According to the president of the Writers Union, Arcadie Suceveanu, today we are experiencing terrible realities: “New Denmark is more Denmark than the old Denmark”, writes ziarulnațional.md

According to a statement of the Russian Embassy in Chisinau, during the meeting of October 23, 2019 between the Russian Ambassador, Oleg Vasnetsov, with the Director-General of the Agency for Interethnic Relations, Nikolai Radica discussed the topic of Russian-language legislative consolidation in the Republic of Moldova. The Kremlin wants the Russian language to be an interethnic communication tool and to keep the educational institutions with the Russian language of instruction.

We recall that in the last Legislature, the Socialists vehemently opposed the amendment of Article 13 of the Constitution, in order to replace the phrase “moldovian language” with “romanian language”. This is after a decision of the Constitutional Court of December 2013, which established that the official language of the Republic of Moldova is the romanian language, as written in the Declaration of Independence, which prevails over the Constitution.

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