Russian propaganda in the Republic of Moldova and its counter-measures

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The basic objective of Russian propaganda is to keep the Republic of Moldova in the area, of Kremlin ​​influence. To achieve this, Russia used the most effective tools – mass media. They promote the idea that Russia have geo-political rights in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, they does not hesitate to discredit the European Union and the West, in order to influence the views of Moldovan citizens.

The survey conducted in November 2007 shows that two out of four,  most popular television stations, from the Republic of Moldova are Russian: Prime TV / Pervii kanal (58%) and RTR Moldova (23%).

Kremlin propaganda creates a dilemma for post-Soviet countries: about the right of citizens to have access to information, a right guaranteed by the R.M Constitution, and on the other hand we talk about protecting the information environment. In this sense, there are two scenarios both theoretically and practically.

The first would be the access of citizens to any media source but this scenario is operable in countries with a very high level of media culture, where each person is able to make diference between true and false information.

The second scenario is about protecting the information environment, through the monitoring and control of external sources.

An ideal solution for the post-Soviet countries and for the Republic of Moldova would be a synergy of the two scenarios. In the short term, the application of the second scenario (a base of normative acts for limiting propaganda and responsible institutions that would act promptly, in this sense) and in the long term the first scenario (media education and cultivation of critical spirit, among media consumers) )

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