The “small steps” policy creates a state beyond the Dniester, opinions

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The authorities of the Republic of Moldova made enormous concession in their relationship with the Transnistrian administration, thus this “small steps” policy practically creates a de facto state beyond the Dniester. If that is the case, the interest of Transnistrians to integrate into the Republic of Moldova would cease to exist. These opinions were expressed in the Vocea Basarabiei program “Forum”.

The ACUM bloc MP, Platform DA, Iurie Reniță said that the authorities of Moldova, in their relations with the Transnistrian region, should use as a starting point the Law on the Statute of Transnistria of 2005. In his opinion, Moldovan authorities conceded a lot to the Transnistrian administration. “Obviously, if you start the dialogue, you must keep the national interest in mind. The lack of consistent policies and serious and responsible approaches has led us here. This was achieved under the pretext that we can somehow soften them and become more attractive to them. This is not the case and, moving forward, we should change our approach”, said Iurie Reniță.

The MP argued that the technical agreement signed by the ACUM bloc and the Socialist Party clearly states that sensitive topics such as the Transnistrian issue will never be addressed by this parliamentary majority. According to the MP, it was clear from the outset that the PSRM and President Igor Dodon will not comply with these provisions.

The editorialist Nicolae Negru expressed his opinion that the “small steps” policy, implemented by the government in relation to the Transnistrian region, strengthens the “separatist” state. “Because we grant these privileges, such as circulation to Europe, special numbers, driving licenses, we will one day realize that all these “small steps” have built a de facto state that only needs to be recognized”, said Nicolae Negru.

In recent years, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova have granted facilities to citizens living beyond the Dniester River, namely the possibility to travel to the European Union, special vehicle registration numbers, the recognition of some educational institutions diplomas, etc.

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