The world through the eyes of the Kremlin: NATO and the West threaten Russia politically, militarily and culturally

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Over the past week, EUvsDisinfo has tracked 60 cases of misinformation. The main dynamics of the messages from the Kremlin are to point out that NATO and the West are present all over the world and threaten Russia from a political, cultural and military point of view.

“The enemy is the West” (12 cases of misinformation)

The West intends to destroy Russia and use the resources on its territory. At the same time, the US and Poland have sowed discord between Belarus and Russia.

In addition to Eastern Europe, the US also operates in Hong Kong, where it uses revolutionary technologies to destabilize China. These measures remain the main instrument of Western interference in the affairs of sovereign states.

“The West is in moral and physical degradation” (7 cases of misinformation)

George Soros is encouraging mass illegal immigration, promoting gender theory and supporting unruly minorities. As the Western feminized semi-men are unable to protect their women from immigrants, the influx of migrants has already sparked rebellions.

Things will only get worse as the already deindustrializing and de-intellectualizing Baltic States can only be saved from extinction with the help of people born in the Congo, Zimbabwe, and Equatorial Guinea. And as Sweden clearly demonstrates, migration will lead to crime-infested “no-go” zones, where police and businesses are too afraid to venture.

“NATO is preparing for a war with Russia” (5 misinformation cases)

NATO is an instrument of US foreign policy that is preparing for a war with Russia by sending troops to Europe.

NATO does not ask for permission from its member states, it just deploys missile defense systems where it wants. If, for example, Latvia was truly independent, it would have not encouraged foreign military bases on its soil. But Latvia has no say in NATO and is now paying an occupation fee for NATO’s presence.

“Russia is innocent” (11 cases)

Russia is not attacking Ukraine and Crimea belonged to Russia until the 1980s. It returned to Russia in 2014 after a popular referendum.

Most of these misinformation stories are used since 2014 and claim that the West has abandoned Ukraine and that Russia is not involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.


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