This week’s pro-Kremlin disinformation: bears and drugs and climate change

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The key topics of this week’s pro-Kremlin propaganda are climate change, doping scandal with Russian athletes, and the classic narrative of “Russophobia.”

The polar bears are doing just fine!

It has been an unusually “green” fall season. This week, delegates from more than 200 countries gathered in Madrid to kick off the UN Climate Change Conference, COP25, which follows on the heels of September’s Climate Action Summit in New York.

Amid a growing sense of crisis about the climate emergency, attending countries pledged on Monday to launch a “green revolution” to combat global warming. Last week, the European Parliament also declared a state of climate emergency, while some media have actively begun using that term in their reporting.

Indeed, the stakes are high. Climate change is a scientific fact, and there is already extensive evidence of its devasting impact. But that’s not what you’ll hear from the pro-Kremlin media – on the contrary.

Over the last few months, EUvsDisinfo has covered the rising trend of pro-Kremlin disinformation about climate change, which often invokes crackpot conspiracy theories to suggest that global warming is a Russophobic hoax or attacks climate activists – notably Greta Thunberg – to undermine the idea of genuine grassroots protest (one of the Kremlin’s worst fears).

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