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Republic of Moldova lost control of the region following the intervention of the Russian army (the 14th army) in thei Transnistrian conflict. After Moldova received UN membership (March 2, 1992), Moldovan President Mircea Snegur authorized a military intervention against rebel forces that attacked the loyal police stations in Chisinau. The rebels, aided by Soviet troops, strengthened control over the majority of the area. The Russian authorities have contributed militarily and politically to the creation of the separatist regime in Transnistria. The 14th Army soldiers fought on the side of the separatist forces. The Moldovan army was inferior, which prevented the Republic of Moldova from regaining control over Transnistria. A ceasefire agreement was signed on July 21, 1992.

During the negotiations in the format “5 + 2” of November 2017 and April 2018, six agreements were signed between Chisinau and Tirasol regarding the removal of barriers in the relations between the inhabitants on the two banks of the Dniester. Chisinau and Tiraspol have reached an agreement on the registration plates of the vehicles in the Transnistrian region, so that they can participate in the cross-border traffic. Another agreement agreed by the parties provides for the unconditional access of the farmers from the Dubasari district, domiciled on the left bank of the Dniester to their agricultural lands since August. Other four protocols signed in November 2017 foresee the reopening of the road bridge over the Dniester between the localities of Gura Bîcului – Bîcioc, the operation of the schools with teaching in Latin, the recognition of the Transnistrian diplomas and the re-establishment of telephone connections between the banks of the Dniester. As for the telephone connection, major progress has not been made. The deadline for achieving this agreement has been drawn for five years. Two other points relate to highly sensitive topics: the issue of criminal cases and that of human rights, including free movement.

.The head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova, Claus Neukirch, announced that The negotiations in the 5 + 2 format regarding the Transnistrian settlement will be resumed from this autumn.

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