Vladimir Novosadiuk, ex-chief of Sputnik Moldova

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Vladimir Novosadiuk has been the head of Sputnik Moldova since its launch. Prior to this, Novosadiuk was a correspondent and representative of RIA Novosti in Moldova. He was awarded with the honorary title “Om Emerit”, which corresponds to the title “Journalist of honor of Moldova”.

Novosadiuk and his wife Rita Țvic, acted as intermediaries for the capture of Euro TV and Alt TV in the summer of 2014, by Ilan Șor. There are photos on the social networks with Novosadiuk, Țvic and Shor in the news agency Sputnik, published in 2014, where Shor has held almost all press conferences. The name of Vladimir Novosadiuk and his wife, Rita Țvic, appears in the Kroll 2 report, in which Ilan Shor appears as the main beneficiary in the case of the “billion theft” in the Republic of Moldova. According to the document, the spouses, being shareholders of Unibank, borrowed 12 million lei from Harrogate Consulting. Moreover, Rita Țvic, Novosadiuk’s wife, owns two television channels affiliated with Ilan Șor – “Orhei TV” and “Central Television”.

On September 17, 2019, Novosadiuk was accused of “fraud and money laundering through the structures of businessman Ilan Shor.” Novosadiuk was accused of being part of the list of persons involved in fraud in the banking system. Immediately after the arrest, the Sputnik-Moldova chief was released on bail, but with the prohibition to leave the country, without notification to the prosecutor’s office, for 60 days

The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that in the case of Novosadiuk, searches were carried out, and the operation was related to the trial initiated in 2015, with reference to the ”billion left” in the banking system in Moldova. It is no secret that Vladimir Novosadiuk is associated with Ilan Shor. Previously, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Social Bank, headed by Șor.

On September 20, Novosadyuk resigns. The resignation of Novosadyuk took place simultaneously with the parliamentary meeting, at which the head of the parliamentary commission investigating the theft of a billion, Alexander Slusar, named the name of Novosadyuk among the beneficiaries of the theft of a billion.

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